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Pamela has served Texas for over 34 years, Now semi-retired,Pamela has a new colleague Mr. David Stroud LPC in his new practice in Plano, Frisco and surrounding areas.

Path Ways Coaching Services provides part time coaching, guidance, consulting for couples, individuals, partners,.

Pamela Smale Williams incorporates her experience, insight, a great intuitive sense, and warm yet pragmatic viewpoints into intelligent solution-focused guidance to assist you. Consulting covers cognitive assessment, health, behavioral changes, relationships assistance, pre-marital instruction, Coaching referrals for sexual disorders / Internet 'addictions' / desire incompatibilities. Assistance in the trauma and recovery from an AFFAIR, and problematic stress disorders such as PTSD (--suffered by many returning Military individuals and their families, to name but one population). coffee for 3 online webcam brunch? why not? Chatting and listening, preparing you for work with a LPC , LMFT, or sex educator...we will refer for any Counseling but coaching is more informal, a little like talkibf to a good friend who's read some great books.Problems with Mood, anxieties,phobias, career decisions, parenting questions, or anger management may be addressed comfortably.


David is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 10 years experience as a mental health practitioner. He began his career as a research assistant and memory therapist at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center's department of Neuropsychiatry focusing on assessments and cognitive interventions for senior adults and families dealing with life transitions, anxiety and depression, and memory difficulties. David continued to work for TTUHSC as an Associate Clinical Psychologist at the Clements Unit state prison PAMIO (Program for the Aggressive Mentally Ill Offender) division where he received supervised hours toward licensure conducting individual and group therapies for anger/ aggression management and men’s issues. More recently David worked as a therapist and Director of Utilization Management for MHMR of Tarrant County. David competed as a decathlete for the Aggie Track and Field team before graduating from Texas A&M University with a degree in Psychology. He received a MA in Professional Counseling from West Texas A&M University with an emphasis on family systems and couples therapy. David lives in Plano with his wife Christine and enjoys spending time in the outdoors either trail running, cycling, or just spending hours at the grill.     
David Stroud LPC professional Counseling in Frisco, Plano, Richardson, Allen, McKinney TX.

Brief solution focused techniques,and focus, and solution based approaches to Wellness and emotional health balance. Life & Love Coach in relationships, anxiety, mood, and anger problems. Figure each other out, disress in couples. Tips, suggestions for enhancement, and behavioral homework are literally a part of the strategies that deliver results in less time.

TEXAS! As such a big state with a Big Heart to match We want to work at MORE than just solutions

in a problematic environment, our hearts must be involved as well.

Take a relationship to its next stair step in achieving a more enhanced way of living and loving together.

Think of it, a lasting relationship where Trust can grow, insecurities and apprehensions may be respected, understood and healed together.

Sometime, step outside of that Intimate enemy stance and think in terms of endearing yourselves to each other again;

"Enhance, take the Chance..."

becoming vulnerable to each other on deeper levels than considered before. Know not only each Other but Yourself as well.

Services are only on a semi retired basis for Pamela, however new Counseling apointments will be close to Frisco TX. under David Stroud LPC and Pamela Smale in east Texas 2012-2013

Nearby Counties: Cass, Bowie, Franklin, Gregg, Harrison, Marion, Morris, Panola, Red River, Rusk, Titus, Upshur, Wood, Texas.

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Life Coaching, LOVE Coach consults, Years of Experience assisting with memory pronle,d , HOUSEHOLD DISAGREEMENTS, BEDROOM QUARRELS....

  • REDUCED RATES UTILIZING ONE ON ONE PHONE OR SKYPE CONSULTS.designed to free up conventional visits.
  • Postpartum Depression and adjustment
    to family development
  • Pre marital growth visits
  • Anger Management
  • Marital or Partnerships and Dating
  • Moodiness
  • Meditation
  • Problems with Intimacy in relationships
  • Relationship tips
  • more...

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    • ONLINE Coaching in Anger, Communication, Romantic styles. Where do you need a boost in YOUR relationship?

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      STUDIO Phone :   972-596-1338 Do you have questions? You can TEXT Pamela now at this number! No solicitations please. 2013: Coaching by phone Skype Me™! or online only: Pamela is available in TEXAS via

    • Phone consult

    • Online interaction such as Skype
    • Personal email arranged in advance

      Coaching online is No insurance, and Coaching Relationship skills may be arranged in advance by email initially! No psychological counseling-Coaching for Relationships part time.Please leave word if interested at either 903.601.2567 or text 972.596.1338

    Pamela Smale Williams *AASECT Certified Sex therapist, retired standing, & Love Coach Over 30 years experience in assisting others with their Primary relationships and beyond.

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